NHS Support

As a leading National Dispensing Appliance Contractor (DAC) of Medical Appliances, Fittleworth support the NHS by offering a repeat prescription dispensing service throughout the UK.

Health Promotion Campaigns

The NHS often run Health Promotion Campaigns and Fittleworth is pleased to participate in these wherever possible.  If you would like to find out more and would like to find examples of the current Health Promotion Campaigns, please click here www.kentandmedway.nhs.uk/welcome/

Dispensing Appliance Contractor Customer Questionnaire Results

Following the publication of an approved Customer Satisfaction survey format for dispensing appliance contractors Fittleworth Medical Ltd have carried out surveys of its customers who are dispensed from their Care Centres.

The results of these surveys have been presented in two formats.

For an combined report of all Fittleworth care centres:

Download (PDF, 1.36MB)

To view results by care centre:
CPPQ – Altrincham
CPPQ – Barnsley
CPPQ – Bournemouth
CPPQ – Broadstairs
CPPQ – Carnforth
CPPQ – Cheshunt
CPPQ – Chester
CPPQ – Colchester
CPPQ – Coventry
CPPQ – Dagenham
CPPQ – Derby
CPPQ – Doncaster
CPPQ – Exeter
CPPQ – Harrogate
CPPQ – Histon
CPPQ – Ipswich
CPPQ – Islington
CPPQ – Keighley
CPPQ – Kingston
CPPQ – Northampton
CPPQ – Norwich
CPPQ – Plymouth
CPPQ – Preston
CPPQ – Reading
CPPQ – Rustington
CPPQ – Salisbury
CPPQ – Sunderland
CPPQ – Sutton
CPPQ – Wokingham
CPPQ – York


Fittleworth Supports the NHS
Please click on the following link to view the Dispensing Leaflet.