Fittleworth receives CQC recognition

Care Quality Commission (CQC) regulates
Fittleworth Medical Limited to provide care


Fittleworth are proud to announce the successful registration of our Nursing Services with the Care Quality Commission (CQC), making us one of the few Dispensing Appliance Contractors (DACs) to have their applications accepted. Fittleworth now has two services registered with the regulator: the Clinical Liaison Nurse Support Service and the Community Nurse Team.

CQC registration aims to ensure that only those deemed able to provide and manage, good quality care are authorised to do so. Acting as a guide to patients and nurses alike, CQC registered services set a reassuring benchmark across the healthcare sector. Fittleworth, along with a minority of other DACs, are formally acknowledged as offering services that go above and beyond to meet the needs of patients in the UK. This registration offers recognition for our comprehensive compliance with regulations which forms part of our Clinical Respect value of Regulations Compliance, under which Fittleworth aims to set an exemplary standard and complies with all relevant NHS and industry regulations.

Fittleworth’s CQC registered Nursing Services aim to:

  • Offer specialist care to enable people, supported by us, to achieve their optimum state of health and well-being
  • Treat all people supported by us, and all people who work for us with the utmost respect at all times
  • Respect and encourage the right of independence for all those who use our service
  • Treat all information relating to those who use our service in a confidential manner

Fittleworth is an independent home dispensary for ostomy, urology and wound care products and is proud to provide nurses and customers with a service which is safe and secure, as well as open, honest and trustworthy. The CQC registration bestows deserved recognition upon the dedicated Fittleworth Nursing Services and the high standard of care offered.

Current pressures across the healthcare sector means there are increasing demands on healthcare professionals to deliver better care, with increasingly restricted funds. There is a particular focus on saving costs in products and accessories which carries  potential implications for patients in the UK. Fittleworth has responded to these challenging times by employing our Clinical Respect values which promise to deliver excellence in patient care while helping healthcare professionals achieve the best value in prescribing.

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