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Urology issues are much more common than you would expect, they can happen to anyone, but often become more common with age.

The exact number of people dealing with urinary incontinence in the U.K. is not known, but it is more general than you might imagine, you are not alone.

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Travel Advice

The need to use appliances for your stoma and continence needs should not stop you from travelling. However, for a problem-free trip, it is necessary to give some extra thought to ensure you are ready for any problems that may arise.

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If you bathe with a pouch, do not try to remove it immediately afterwards as this can lead to sore skin. The adhesive is stronger when wet and becomes harder to remove. You can bathe or shower without an appliance if you wish. A good soak in the bath will give the skin around the stoma a chance to rest. Be aware that your stoma might function while you are bathing or showering, especially if you are an ileostomist.

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