Stoma Introduction

A stoma is a surgically made opening in the abdominal wall, the intestine meets this opening and waste is then excreted into an ostomy appliance. Your reason for having a stoma can be due to an accident or illness and can be permanent or temporary. You may have a stoma for just a month or it may be two or three years.

A temporary stoma is often a loop or double barrel stoma which has two openings and any output will emerge from the larger one. A permanent stoma is constructed if it is unlikely that the portions of the digestive segments can be rejoined. Permanent stomas are usually end stomas (not loop) and only have one opening.

Fittleworth has been delivering stoma goods to customer’s homes for over 30 years and in that time we have gained many hints and tips for dealing with some common problems.


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Travel Advice

The need to use appliances for your stoma and continence needs should not stop you from travelling. However, for a problem-free trip, it is necessary to give some extra thought to ensure you are ready for any problems that may arise.

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If you bathe with a pouch, do not try to remove it immediately afterwards as this can lead to sore skin. The adhesive is stronger when wet and becomes harder to remove. You can bathe or shower without an appliance if you wish. A good soak in the bath will give the skin around the stoma a chance to rest. Be aware that your stoma might function while you are bathing or showering, especially if you are an ileostomist.

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