Stoma Hints and Tips

Try to change your pouch when your stoma is less active. It may take some time to get to know or recognise a pattern but it may help to make changing quicker and easier. Applying a pouch may be easier if the flange is warmed slightly, holding it between your hands for a short while will bring it to body temperature.

If you have wrinkles or folds in the skin around your stoma, try standing or changing position to stretch the skin, it will give you a better fit. Always check for nicks or faults before using a pouch. Your pouch must fit properly around your stoma to help prevent sore skin and reduce the possibility of leakage; use the backing from the flange to check the pouch has been cut to the right size for you. If you need your pouch cut to size, perhaps because you find it difficult or you are short of time, we are able to do this for you, free of charge.

Use the “up and over” technique to apply your pouch. Remove the backing paper, almost fold the flange forwards in half and starting at the bottom of the flange and stoma edge, stick the flange to the skin bringing it up and over the stoma. Once the pouch is in place run your fingers around the edge to check for any crease or folds. You can then place your hand over the pouch for 30 seconds and the heat from the hand helps the pouch adhere and conform to the body shape. This technique is easier to demonstrate and if in doubt contact your healthcare professional for guidance.

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